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Healthy food from a Dollar Store?

Would you call me crazy if I told you that dollar-discount stores have healthy food options? What if I told you there healthy food option was similar in quality to regular grocery stores? A study by the University of Las Vegas found those statements to be true.

The study consisted of a sampling of grocery stores and discount stores in great Las Vegas community. They compared the prices of 40 grocery stores and 14 discount stores. They compared the availability, quality, and price of foods in the two types of stores. The study showed there was no difference in the quality of the healthy foods. They also found the price was often cheaper in the dollar-discount stores.

Why is this important? For starters, family budgets are tight and some families have less than others. The goal is to stretch the food budget as much as possible. Knowing that quality food options are available in dollar-discount stores gives you the ability to stretch your food budget event further. The dollar discount store is an option to consider when buying food on a budget.


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