• Will

15 Day Writing Exercise

Positive thoughts will lead to positive action, if you just get out of the way. A few years ago I learned about a technique which adjusted my outlook on my situation. I laughed at it when I first heard about it and I was reluctant to even try it...but I did. Each day I wrote a note to myself at the end of the day and repeated this for fifteen days. Yeah, I thought it sounded silly too but hang in there and let me explain it.

Positive thoughts can influence positive action. By taking time to focus on the positive aspects of our daily life we can improve our overall outlook and well being. But we don't live in a world of positivity do we? We lead stressful lives with deadlines and maybe negative interactions. This can tend to bring us down emotionally. Sometimes this can even make us begin to look negatively at ourselves. Stress combined with negativity directed at ourselves can be harmful to our