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Eating Right

Health Tip

Replacing one sugary drink

with water could

significantly improve

your health.

We spend an average of 60 billion dollars on diet products a year. There are hundreds of niche diets marketed to us. Countless people will tell you their plan is the "one and only way" to be healthy.


Bottom line, nutrition is not a one size fits all. What we do know proper nutrition is the key to a health life. Your overall health relies on your food choices. 

Check out the resources below for some helpful tips and tools for healthier eating. has excellent of information on the nutrition, health tips, and shopping on a budget.

Fooducate is a great app to assist you in making healthier choices.

If you are on the go all the time and need help with planning out meals for a week, then this is a great resource for you.  They have shopping lists and menus allow you to prep in advance. They also have cooking instructions. Great resource and it is free!

The app has a large library of products graded for their nutritional value.  The library has both name brand and store brand foods.  The app also explains why the food was graded and includes alternatives. The same grading system is used for meal selection when dining out. The best part about the library is it keeps expanding every day.

The app also has tidbits and recipes from other members of their community. You get all of the resources and there are no fees.

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