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About Us

Pride Performance was created after Pam and Will found success in the famous DDPY program. Will's body was showing the effects of contact sports and a near twenty year career in public safety. His constant aches and pains were causing him to consider an early retirement from the job he loved. Pam was looking to get healthier after her pregnancy. She had been a career professional and was now experiencing lower back pain and hip pain on a daily basis.

The DDPY program helped them find healthier lives. They are excited to bring the program to the Northern Virginia area.  

Will MacKay

DDP Level 1 & 2

ACE Personal Fitness Instructor

DDPY helped me reverse some of the damage done to my body after twenty years in law enforcement. Helping others has always been a passion and a privilege. Teaching DDPY gives me another way to serve my community. DDPY is life changing and now I get the privilege to bring it to the Northern Virginia area.

Pam MacKay

DDP Level 1

DDPY has changed my life forever. Twenty years of sedentary office work and commuting in the DC area took a toll on me. Weakened core muscles caused daily pain and my quality of life suffered. This added a level of difficulty in raising our son. DDPY has strengthened my body, increased my energy and reduced my pain. I look forward to helping you as a DDPY Instructor.    

What is DDPY?

DDPY is a fitness program designed to help anyone regardless of age, size, or fitness level. DDPY is about getting a great cardio workout with minimal impact on your joints. You will increase your flexibility while toning and strengthening your muscles. DDPY combines the very best of yoga, traditional fitness, sports therapy and dynamic resistance to create one of the most effective fitness plans in existence today!

Diamond Dallas Page originally developed DDPY for athletes like himself who had suffered years of injuries due to high-impact sports. For the first 42 years of his life, Dallas was a guy who "wouldn't be caught dead" doing yoga, or anything like it.

When he ruptured his L4 and L5 spinal discs during the height of his professional wrestling career, he was so desperate to keep his childhood dream alive, he was willing to try anything. So he tried yoga for the first time in his life.Because Dallas (DDP) had so much experience in many other areas of fitness, he quickly started mixing elements of yoga with his rehab and traditional calisthenics.

For almost a decade, DDP has refined his program and has become a master at teaching it to others, as well as motivating individuals to believe that anything is possible with dedication and hard work.


Along the way, Dallas learned that very deconditioned men and women could do DDPY as well -- he was amazed to see stories of people doing DDP YOGA losing literally hundreds of pounds!  As Dallas puts it, "weight loss just happens to be a really AWESOME side effect of DDPY!"

The main benefits are body fat loss, lean muscle growth, and improved cardiovascular performance, without placing undue stress on the joints. DDP Yoga is currently used by professional football players, more than 40 professional wrestlers, MMA fighters, and regular, everyday people who want to perform at optimum levels and place themselves in the best position to improve their quality of life.

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